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Resolution: Lose Your Lazy

If you're done with all the laziness, just forgive yourself and move forward with a plan to dust off the cobwebs and tackle 2021 with a new attitude. Here's how.

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Showing Up Even When You're Not Feeling It

Some days, you're just not feeling it. It's not that you're exhausted; it's that you're not in the mood to do the important task that's in front of you.

But on the job, you need to find a way to do the work anyway, because if we only do important or unpleasant work when we feel like it, we might not ever get it done.

It's useful to learn to do it even when we're not feeling it.

But how do we do that?

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The Feels: How to Manage Your Emotions at Work

We all have emotions, and some are tougher than others to manage (especially on the job). If you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious or sad at work, how should you handle it? Find practical tips (even ones to boost your career) here.

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The Productivity Zone: Get Into It

Staying productive isn't always easy. Whether you work from home or you just want to focus on a task, it can be difficult with distractions people, television, music, social media, etc. Follow these tips to boost your productivity, stay focused and accomplish more.


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Unlock the Power of Positive Intent

Positive intent sounds like a good idea. As we go through our day, we generally have a positive intent in what we do, right?

And yet, we sometimes wonder about others. We wonder about people's motives and agendas. And the more we wonder, often the more negative our assumptions become. I believe that assuming positive intent in others can be a cornerstone to highly effective teamwork, higher levels of trust, and much more.

That's why I want to help you unlock the power of positive intent.

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